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Skillz PMU Pigment Brown 2

Skillz PMU Pigment Brown 2

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If you like working with organics you will love those pigments.

This is a super loaded, highly concentrated organic line for brows and eyeliner.

And we dare to say it is one of the highest  concentrated line of pigments in the world. Correction work is minimum and healed results will just amaze you. Just dare to try them!

10 ml.

In accordance with the EU REACH regulation.

BROWN 1 - Warm medium brown with red undertone.

BROWN 2 - Slightly lighter brown with strong yellow undertone.

BROWN 3 - Blackish brown, cold.

BROWN 4 - Dark brown with yellow undertone.

ORANGE - Corrector color, adjust the warmth of each tone by clients undertone.

Organic colors tend to heal more greyish and overall cool. Is it recommended to use Orange to adjust the warmth of each color to match clients skin tone. With organic colors we always recommend making them really warm.

This line can be used for eyebrows and eyeliner.

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